About Honeycomb Health

Honeycomb Health is a nonprofit organization created to help people living with rare diseases, and the greater community beyond, to securely digitize, organize, and manage their health records. With Honeycomb Health, you can store your health information and share it, safely and at your discretion, meaningfully with providers, institutions, and your health community.

You'll easily be able to review, update, and manage a single source of truth that captures your entire diagnostic journey.


Rare disease is in our families and among our friends


As a rare disease patient, you are rare by definition. Rare disease patients do not have the numbers to spur the extensive clinical trials of more common diseases. We recognize how you must manually manage endless medical data from different doctors, keep track of test results, and push for diagnostic testing. You must advocate for yourself in ways patients of more researched diseases often don't have to. The course of action for your recovery or treatment is typically undefined or even unknown to you doctor which forces you to have to search for doctors that are familiar with your disease.


We get that. Honeycomb Health is here to change this


Honeycomb Health will empower patients suffering from rare diseases by providing the ability to securely store, access, and share your health information all in one place. You will be able to share your data with health care providers, loved ones, and future generations. By owning your data and uniting with other patients, you will have a better chance at pushing for- and participating in- clinical trials.


The hub where patients can share their information


Honeycomb Health will be the hub where large groups of patients afflicted from the same disease can connect with the organizations with the means to help them. Let's end the isolation and wait-time so many rare disease patients face daily.

board of advisors


Robert Miller

MD, MBA, FASTRO, FRSA, FRSM Medical Director, Maryland Proton Treatment Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine


Kellie Boyle

Sr. Director
Global Multichannel Marketing

team members

Elizabeth Izard Apelles

Co-Founder & Strategic Lead CEO of
The GTO Group

Pilar Belhumeur

Executive Creative Director
Greater Than One


Chris Kasper

Project Management Supervisor Greater Than One

Matthew Littleton

The GTO Group

Rebecca Trahan

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Ken Winell

Chief Technology Officer
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Philip Apelles

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