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Welcome to the Honeycomb Health Marketplace where each purchase you make is 100% tax deductible and helps someone rare. Created and managed by the men and women of Greater Than One, we work tirelessly to help patients living with rare diseases. Help us help them!



Help us to make it possible

Honeycomb Health, with your permission, will securely hold your medical data from all your healthcare providers, so you can access everything from one place, wherever you are. We encourage you to get started today as we spend the next year working on your behalf to complete this vision.

Join us and help us make Honeycomb Health the personal health record tool you always needed. Our members play an active role in our long-term vision.

Are you living
with a rare disease?

We can help. Today, we are working with people with SCAD. Soon, we will work for patients of all rare diseases.

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